Selasa, 08 Januari 2013

Holiday Exhibition

we are happy to announce, the first even of the year : Holiday, a group exhibition. as it seen on it's page, the tag line informed us that this exhibition is not for any serious reasons. 

this exhibition firstly held on this rainy month of January to move the artist senses about holiday after being bored for them reality lives of the city. this issue is somehow is not only for their senses but also to many of Jakarta's society. 

hopefully this exhibition will bring another connections between the artists and the viewers by gathering into one, talking about this and that, having fun and being happy. just like when they experienced their holiday moment. 

Senin, 07 Januari 2013

animal instinct exhibition

don't forget to stop by to this very impressive exhibition. you won't turn to be an animal only by attending it and no one will bite your foot once you see the artwork.

guess, we don't need no talent to put our words for em review because once again, it really is impressive in a very nice condition. the artists present their skills into a great visual state, knoting their minds and memories of instinct between animal and human with lines, scratch and colours.

just be ready to feel the awareness of your inner animal instinct.